Here are some additional tools which have come across my path. Check out my previous post Tools for Travel, which covers the basic TSA restrictions along with a bunch of various suggestions for tools and tool combinations.

Juice CS3

If you’re looking for a more compact one piece tool than the earlier Style PS suggestion, there is a new tool released by Leatherman. The Leatherman Juice CS3 which combines bottle opener, scissors, and corkscrew. The bottle opener tools is configured to also provide leverage when using the corkscrew. It might be the perfect compact corkscrew tool that’s TSA friendly. Most full size corkscrews have a blade which excludes them from carry-on.

Possible Kits

One Tool Only

Small Tech Oriented Kit

Small General purpose kit

Full Kit

Very similar to my carry-on toolkit.


So, even with the current restrictions, you can travel with a pretty complete set of tools in a compact case. I didn’t touch on flashlights or consumable tools (batteries, duct tape, wire, zip-ties etc.) but I’ll reserve those for another post. I was originally going to have a section on building a check-in tool-set but this post is already super long so I’ll wrap it up here.